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Compare The Best Auto Insurance Companies In Maryland – Rating And Review

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Who are the best car insurance companies in Maryland?  Which carriers charge the lowest rates and settle claims the quickest? There may not be a single right answer to these questions, since there are many very reputable Maryland insurance carriers. We review the largest companies to give you  personal information and data not found on most other websites. And of course, you can compare rates and get the lowest prices by requesting a free quote at the top of the page.

Regardless if you have current coverage, or are uninsured, we help you find the best and most reliable options. Most drivers (new and experienced) are eligible for special discounts that can substantially reduce rates. Regional and national carriers typically offer policies in most areas of the state. Group property and casualty products are offered by selected companies, and often premiums receive a corporate discount.


Biggest Online Carriers


Progressive has catchy commercials but also very competitive rates. In most areas of the state, if you have more than one vehicle and a reasonably-respectable driving record, you’ll be happy with their rates. Their “Name Your Price” option allows you to customize the premium you want to pay with the coverage you can buy. Although they are an Ohio-based company, they have great online claim service along with mobile units and drive-in claims offices. Their portfolio of products has gradually increased over the last 10 years, and now includes preferred and high-risk policies, along with several ancillary products.

Like most companies, rates can greatly fluctuate, depending on where you live. Do you have a home, RV, boat, motorcycle or snowmobile? Then you’re lucky, because Progressive will cover those risks, and perhaps give you an additional discount for bundling your policies. Prices are also very competitive for condos and rental property. Coverage can be customized, depending on required benefits. Seniors that drive limited miles will receive a substantial discount.

Additional coverage is provided for your travel trailer, ATV, golf cart, Segway, and other personal watercraft. You can also purchase protection for mechanical repair, wedding and events, electronic devices, auto refinancing, home warranty, home security, travel, vision, dental, umbrella, auto and home in Mexico, compact tractors, and ID theft. Financial products offered through the website include short-term health, Medicare plans, home financing and refinancing, universal, term, and whole life insurance, online banking, and personal loans. Note: Life insurance rates are more competitive when purchasing from a major carrier.


Their “Snapshot” device, which attaches to your car, may also save you money. Thus far, more than $1 billion has been distributed to policyholders. It is, of course, optional. Since it is “usage-based,” your premium is based on how well you drive. Information is collected regarding how quickly you brake, how fast and when you drive, and how often the vehicle is used. Hard brakes and sudden acceleration may impact your rate.

Excessive speeding, sudden stops, and crossing lanes will also have a negative impact on your premium. The average savings is approximately $230 per driver. Trip logs, trip details, and a dashboard that provides tips and discount details, is provided. A “road test” is available that allows potential customers to test Snapshot without changing companies.

There are several drive-in claims centers in the state. The two largest are located in Silver Spring (Old Columbia Pike) and Glen Burnie (Cromwell Park Drive). An additional office is in Frederick (Thomas Johnson Drive). You can easily leave your car at these locations, and drive your rental vehicle away. When the repairs are completed, you can return to the same location. Several car dealerships offer valet service, although most vehicles may not be eligible.


Online Free Auto Insurance Rate Quotes

Are You Burning Through Money On Auto Insurance?

If you are comfortable with working with your insurance company online, Esurance is a great choice. They’re currently in 43 states, and Maryland is one of those states. Customers seem happy with the initial rates they are quoted, and the coverage choices match what other carriers offer. Usually, you can also reach them by phone if any service is needed, whether it is billing, coverage, or claim related.

Allstate is the parent company so you are in “good hands” with Esurance. Regarding their rates…they seem to be very competitive when the household has multiple drivers and vehicles. Policies have been available in the state since 2000, and both preferred and high-risk options are offered. Offered discounts can be easily bundles for maximum savings.

If you stay away from tickets and accidents, the price you pay should stay fairly stable. Motorcycle, renters and other types of coverage are also available. And the “DriveSafe” voluntary program is offered when a teenager resides in the household. It will help limit the number of texts and emails when the vehicle is is moving. Customized alerts can provide information regarding excessive speeding, erratic driving, or texting while driving.

“CoverageMyWay” is a fairly new automated system that generates customized quotes based on the information you provide. Through a combination of independent algorithms, specific recommendations show you the most appropriate coverage you should have. Many other carriers also offer similar services under a different brand name.

Progressive Claim Centers can be found at the following locations:

Arlington (Fairfax Drive)

Baltimore (Eastern Avenue)

Frederick (Thomas Jefferson Drive)

Gaithersburg (Downing Street)

Glen Burnie (Cromwell Park Drive)

Hunt Valley (McCormick Road)

Laurel (Cherry Lane)

Leesburg (Fort Evans Road)

Mechanicsville (Oxley Drive)

Oxon Hill (Oxon Hill Road)

Rockville (King Farm Boulevard)

Salisbury (Eastern Shore Drive)

Silver Spring (Old Columbia Pike)

Springfield (Commercial Drive)


Geico (Government Employees Insurance Company), since 1973, has been available to non-government employees. And that’s good news, because their rates are typically very good in most parts of the state. They are owned by Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, so there’s plenty of money to pay claims! More than 28 million vehicles are covered and  more than 17 million persons have an active policy. 24/7 service is provided by 17 national offices and local representatives. US Military (past and present) are eligible for special discount programs.

They offer many of the best auto discounts as any other carrier and also have one of the largest portfolios of products they insure (including mobile homes and life insurance). And yes…they still offer a discount if you are a government employee or are actively employed or retired from the Military, Reserves or National Guard. Some documentation is required, but the reduction will be effective when your policy begins. Like many companies, they offered credits to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic since most customers drove less. The discounts averaged about $150 per household.

Additional lines of business offered include collector autos, RVs, ATVs, boats, and motorcycles. Coverage for mobile homes, floods, investment and rental property, and landlord-tenant  buildings are also provided. Business owners can utilize professional and general liability, along with special commercial property and casualty rates. Policies are also offered for identity theft, pets, overseas travel, special jewelry.

Since Geico is based in Maryland, there are plenty of approved facilities for your vehicle to be repaired. Generally, an adjuster will meet you at the approved location, review the damage, and issue the estimate at that time. After all repairs are completed, you can pick up your vehicle. The “repair facility guarantee” provides lifetime coverage (as long as you own the car or truck) on the work that was completed.


USAA previously offered coverage to US army officers (only). They now offer coverage to anyone or their immediate family that was a member of the armed forces. They routinely win awards of providing superior service and handling claims quickly and efficiently. If you’re insured with USAA, you conduct your business online or by phone. But it seems to work and their rates are very good in some areas of the state. Surprisingly, their homeowner’s premiums are also quite competitive.

Bundling policies provides an immediate 10% discount, and alternative flexible billing options are offered without any extra charges. A unique Military installation discount is available along with length of membership and vehicle storage discounts. Other discounts include family discount, limited driving miles, driver training, and vehicle storage. The mobile app provides easy access to live customer service representatives.

A large financial center is located in Annapolis (Prince George Street) that provides property and casualty products along with life insurance, healthcare options, banking and certificates of deposit, and loans for vehicles and residences. Portfolio management, 529 plans, and other financial instruments are also offered. Additional services to local residents include an available notary, signature guarantees, military separation information. This location also serves the US Naval Academy, Coast Guard (Baltimore Sector), and Fort Meade.

Maryland Auto Insurance Carriers With Best Rates

We Shop The Best Companies For You

National Companies

State Farm is an established experienced carrier that provides more of a local presence in Maryland than the online companies. You can visit physical offices located throughout the state and easily sit down with an agent and discuss specifics. That doesn’t mean their rates are going to be the lowest on the block, but they usually are worth looking at. Your area may have an office every few blocks or much more spread out. It depends where you live.

They have a wide selection of non-property and casualty products such as life insurance. Agents tend to stick around for many years and typically have more experience then other agents. Of course, sometimes, with a “captive” company, the value of the administrative assistant and support staff are just as important. Popular State Farm discounts available in Maryland include vehicle safety, student away at school, steer clear, passive restraint, multiple line, good driver, good student, multi-car, and drive safe and save.

NOTE: The “drive safe and save” program is very popular. A 5% discount is offered upon initial enrollment. You must have a qualifying vehicle and agree to share specific information. The potential savings could reach 50% on certain parts of the policy by using  OnStar communication devices or In-Drive (if installed). A smartphone app can also be utilized. Lower mileage will result in increased savings and the information collected from the previous 18 months determines the amount of discount.


Travelers is one of the largest insurance companies, but many people don’t realize it. They are a large provider of business and commercial coverage along with the standard auto and homeowners policies. You may have seen their commercials where the red umbrella is usually prominently displayed. They offer identity fraud protection along with special events and wedding coverage. And, of course, their rates are usually worth comparing. In Maryland, policies offer $50 per day and $1,500 per month for substitute vehicles (rental), and  15 miles of roadside assistance coverage.

The Travelers Companies are based in Hartford (CT) like many other carriers, and offer additional financial products. They are also listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW), and their payroll-deduction plans are very popular with many educational institutions. Some of their diversification can be seen in the specialty risks they insure, such as construction, oil and gas, renewable energy, technology, and transportation. They are also the first nationwide carrier to offer a discount for hybrid vehicles, and also the first company to underwrite travel and space contracts.

With more than 13,000 available brokers, it’s easy to obtain free quotes through our website, and then subsequently receive local or online service. Help is also available to teen drivers, who can qualify for three separate discounts: Good Student – 3.0 GPA or “B” average needed. Driver Training – Teens under age 21 that complete a driver-training course. Away At School – Students that attend school more than 100 miles from home can qualify.


Nationwide is not only on your side but are also one of the five largest car insurance companies in Maryland. Like Progressive, they are based in Ohio but have become a large player in the US. You can easily find local agents, and most of them have quite a bit of experience in the business. Their rates can rapidly change, depending on what rate increases or decreases they propose to the State Department Of Insurance.

Like many companies (including Metlife), your deductible will reduce if you continue to drive accident-free. Customer satisfaction is usually very high (in the 93%-96% range) and you can insure your home, boat and many other items with them. Combining policies usually will result in a discount. Their Ohio rates are very attractive if you move there. Other affiliated property and casualty companies (wholly-owned subsidiaries) include Harleysville, Lone Star General Agency, Nationwide Assurance, Nationwide Lloyds, THI Holdings, Victoria Fire And Casualty, and Titan Insurance.

Although quite diversified,  with their multiple property and casualty, and financial products, Nationwide has exited the health insurance business. In the past, their products competed well in the states they were licensed. However, don’t expect a return, especially since many private plans are guarantee-issue.  However,  an expansion of products that includes specialty, high-performance, and off-road vehicles is possible.


Elephant Insurance Rates In Maryland

Don’t Forget Elephant Insurance! They Don’t!

Elephant is one of many new kids on the block. Yes, that really is name of the company, and they actually feature low-cost rates in many areas of the state. They specialize in efficiency and paperless transactions to cut costs. And with more than 2 million customers (most are outside the US), they know a little bit about managing expenses and charging low rates. Payments for policies are handled locally (Baltimore). Additional products offered include homeowners, condo, renters, condo, motorcycle, life, and umbrella.

Elephant is part of the much larger “Admiral Group,” which specializes in unique price structures. As the third-biggest insurer in England, they are starting to expand their operations in selected states.  Right now, they don’t have much market share, but they are worthy of consideration in a few years. As their underwriting guidelines improve their loss ratios, better pricing will result. Based in Richmond, their expansion in the US has been slow, with other carriers gathering market share.

Many discounts are available, with several that won’t be offered by most other carriers. For instance, when you request and receive an online quote, a 15% discount will be awarded. Also, utilizing electronic signatures will reduce premiums. Paperless statements  also reduce the rate by up to 3%. Emailed bills and correspondence can be easily saved. Also available is an option to pay for a full year, instead of six months or three months. Paperwork is reduced although the savings is not substantial.


Liberty Mutual‘s first Maryland office was opened in 1918. Wow! Yes, they have been around for a while. They now have eight offices located throughout the state and are generally a very reliable and serviceable company. They don’t often have the lowest rates, but you could do much worse with many other carriers. Both personal and business products are offered, including excess liability, general liability, inland marine, voluntary benefits, equipment breakdown coverage, and workman’s compensation insurance. Currently, they are the sixth-largest property and casualty carrier in the US.

They are also a very active company. In addition to sponsoring the US Soccer Federation and US Rowing teams, they also acquired Malaysian Insurance Company a few years ago, and increased marketing of their core products. As a Fortune 500 company with more than 50,000 employees, we expect Liberty Mutual to continue expanding in Maryland and many other Eastern states. Their television advertising also has been very effective, with many of the commercials filmed in front of the Statue Of Liberty.

Although there are several service and administrative offices located throughout the state, if face-to-face meetings are preferred, sales offices can be found in Towson (West Road), Frederick (Corporate Drive), Crofton (Defense Highway), and Rockville (King Farm Boulevard). Auto, home, and life products are available. Of course, online quotes directly from our website do not require a personal visit to an office.


Farmers is one of the largest car insurance companies in the nation even though they are owned by Zurich, which is based in Switzerland. Originally, you had to be a farmer to purchase their coverage, but thankfully that has changed. But they still do offer coverage on farms, tractors, and other similar items. Recreational, business, and life insurance products are available, although rates may not be as competitive as other specialty carriers. Coverage for your pets is also available!

Farmers’ rates are good in some areas and high in others. Yes, we realize, that doesn’t help too much, but for whatever reason, their prices are all over the board. If you like to buy your policy online, they own 21st Century Insurance, who has some of the best TV commercials in the industry. You won’t receive the personal  broker treatment with 21st Century, but they are a reputable option. Specific cities where prices are the most competitive, include Bowie, College Park, Laurel, Hagerstown, Easton, and Chestertown.

And like many other carriers, they now offer their own credit card (Farmer’s Rewards Visa).  Although you can earn points paying premiums on their products, don’t let it influence your decision whether to purchase one of their policies. NOTE: Rideshare coverage, although not yet available in Maryland, is offered by Farmers in other states. As new legislation is introduced and passed, this type of benefits will be offered by many companies. Currently, background checks are required, although fingerprint checks are not yet required.


Amica is a company you probably never heard of. As a direct provider, consumers have to contact them directly for quotes, rates, coverage details and applications. Home and life coverage is available along with a wide variety of riders. Their rates? Typically, they are competitive, although usually, they aren’t going to be among the best few offers available.

Based in Rhode Island, Amica is more than 100 years old. Their A++ rating from A.M.Best Company is the highest available. They have more than 40 offices throughout the country, although they are mostly administrative and claim locations. As the nation’s oldest mutual insurer, they typically rate very high for customer satisfaction in most states. Also, with more than $5 billion in assets, they are financially stable.

Their mobile app is one of the most user-friendly in the industry, and you can conduct most business transactions on your Android, iPhone, or most other mobile devices. Also, The Ward Group, who researches “best practices” of insurance companies, recognized Amica as one of its top-50 performers in the business. Three subsidiary companies are Amica Life Insurance, Amica General Agency, and Amica Property and Casualty Insurance Company.


Allstate (see Esurance in Online section)


American Family does not write business in Maryland. Will they ever enter the Marketplace? Maybe by 2025. Currently, American Family offers property and casualty coverage in the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. Their home office is in Wisconsin.

During pandemics, including the recent COVID-19 virus, American Family offered a 10% relief credit towards the auto premium. New and existing customers were eligible for a six-month period.  With driving substantially reduced during a pandemic, many carriers offer this type of credit.

With more than 90 years of experience, this carrier specializes in offering competitive rates when the auto and home policies are bundled. Annual revenue is more than $8 billion, which includes business from The General and Homesite. Farm coverage is also available. “KnowYourDrive” is a free downloadable app that provides an immediate 5% discount. The app monitors driving habits and can reduce your premium by as much s 20%.


Erie has been writing car insurance policies in Maryland for more than 6o years. Standard property and casualty products are offered along with business plans for small company owners. policies are offered by selected agents throughout the state, although online purchases are also available. Classic autos (at least 10 years old) and antique autos (at least 25 years old) can be covered at very favorable rates. Special interest autos can also be insured. “Auto Plus”  (extra benefits)is available to passenger auto policies for a very low premium.

Competitive off-road coverage rates are also available for  mopeds, golf carts, snowmobiles, trail bikes, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and off-road motorcycles. Physical damage and liability benefits are offered, with special provisions available for storage part of the year. Billing can be included in the primary vehicle policy.

Erie Agencies are located in Rockville, Reisterstown, Columbia, Mitchellville, Laurel, Lonaconing, Finksburg, Owings Mills, Oakland, Cumberland, Silver Spring, Timonium, Elkton, and Sykesville.


That’s a lot of companies and naturally, if we wanted to bore you, we would have added a few dozen more, including life heavyweight MetLife. Our free rate comparisons can be utilized by providing some basic information on top of the page.


News From The Past:

Four new laws are now effective for October. House Bill 0235 places a maximum limit of four licenses for distributors and manufactures of electric or non fossil-fuel burning vehicles. House Bill 0846  waives the required commercial skills test for some veterans and members of the military. House Bill 0430 changes the penalties for blood test results showing  .08 of alcohol or higher. House Bill 0415 requires the MVA offer consumers the option of having a heart donor designation on their license.

Regulatory power of self-driving cars may become the responsibility of the State Police and the Motor Vehicle Administration. The MVA favors legislation that would transfer authority, and thus, make Maryland roads much safer. Avoiding accidents remains a major concern for persons that oppose the bill. Uber supports the legislation.