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Affordable Car Insurance Rates In Baltimore – Compare Free Auto Quotes

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Auto insurance prices in Baltimore can be very cheap, if you are comparing multiple companies. We research single and multi-car insurance rates in all of Maryland so you save money with our free online quotes. Whether you live in Baltimore, Columbia, Hagerstown or any other part of the state, we help you find the best offers from all of the major carriers. Customized proposals are always included in our quotes. Washington DC and Northern Virginia prices are also offered, along with inexpensive minimum liability limit options. The average cost of Baltimore coverage is about $175 per month, although rates greatly vary between carriers.

Of course, full coverage (collision and comprehensive) will always cost more than basic liability, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. But there are many cost-effective deductible and liability combinations we show you.  And although a poor MVR report will raise your premium, a clean driving record can easily save you thousands of dollars per year. Non at-fault accidents and comprehensive claims generally do not impact your rate. Multiple comprehensive claims (fire, theft, and vandalism) can raise your premium. The best car insurance for new drivers in Baltimore has slightly reduced from last  year.


Bundle Your Coverage

Additional property and casualty products are also offered in the “Charm City,” and the bundling of these products can reduce the premium. Adding your home, personal property, condo, boat, TV, mobile home, or rental property coverage may reduce your automobile rate. A personal liability umbrella is recommended for persons that own boats or rental property. The standard face amount for umbrella contracts is $1 million or $2 million. Deductibles typically range from $500 to $2,500.

Many larger cities have substantially higher premiums than smaller cities, Maryland, however, is an exception. Larger MD metropolitan areas don’t necessarily cost more than many nearby rural areas. But why? Is it because it’s the second largest seaport in the US? Or perhaps it receives hardly any snow compared to other big cities in the East.  There are several explanations that we will discuss below.

NOTE: Nearby towns and cities that also feature competitive rates include Calverton, Rosedale, Dundalk, Catonsville, Overlea, Essex, Pikesdale, Ferndale, Elkridge, and Brooklyn Park. Several nearby Counties that feature lower-than average pricing include Howard, Frederick, Kent, Calvert, Montgomery, and Queen Anne’s. Several of the MD communities with the highest prices include Oxon Hill, Gwynn Oak, Suitland, Capitol Heights, Bladensburg, and Temple Hills.


Find Cheap baltimore Auto Insurance Rates

Good Student Discounts Can Save Hundreds Of Dollars

Rural Areas

There are still many rural areas that seem to have better driving habits, and of course, less accidents. Lighting is very good on most streets at night, and incidences of theft are much lower. Teenagers are more conscientious than other larger cities, which can have a dramatic impact on prices, especially if you have a teenager (or two) in your household. Statistically, teenagers are involved in less incidents on the road than most other comparably-sized cities.

Also, the amount of night driving is slightly lower than many other places. Certainly, this helps reduce the volume of fender-benders. Earlier curfews also contribute to a lower incidence of accidents. In cities where curfews are at least an hour earlier than the national average, the number of thefts and accidents is 15% lower. The frequency of auto accidents per capita is definitely lower.

Although there is plenty of nightlife in the city, most residents return home at reasonable hours. The city’s vehicle theft ratio is about 9 per each 1,000 residents. The number seems low, but it’s  approximately 400% of the national ratio. Increased police surveillance would likely reduce the numbers of vehicle thefts. Future legislation may increase the budget needed to hire more law enforcement to protect city residents and local business owners.

Keeping kids “off the streets” helps insurance rates and helps local communities. Recently, young adults and youths have been offered summer-employment opportunities by YouthWorks. Anyone aged 14-21 is eligible, and about 900 different locations offer a wide variety of work options in many industries. A summer program (virtual during pandemics) is usually offered from late June to early August. The Mayor’s Office of Employment Development runs the program.

Several of the local companies and organizations that have helped fund the project include University of Maryland Medical Center, United Way of Central Maryland, Comcast, and Sagamore Development Company.

NOTE: The following zip codes are used when calculating the average Baltimore car insurance rates: 21211, 21213, 21226, 21215, 21230, 21214, 21251, 21217, 21263, 21216, 21287, 21218, 21201, 21202, 21205, 21223, 21225, 21231, 21203, 21233, 21264, 21265, 21270, 21273, 21274, 21275, 21278, 21279, 21280, 21281, 21283, 21288, 21290, 21297, and 21298. Also, Raspeburg (21206), Gwynne Oak (21207), Pikeville (21208), Mt. Washington (21209), Roland Park (21210), Govans (21212), Clifton (21213), Arlington (21215), and Druid (21217) were included.


Baltimore Has The Worst Drivers? Is It True?

Partially true. There are several articles that rank our drivers among the worst in the US. An older CBS article ranks DC drivers 4th and Baltimore drivers 9th, and points out that running red lights and not putting on a turn signal are quite common in the area. Taxi-cabs are cited for having some of the worst habits, although you’ll find this erratic behavior in almost every other big city. New York cabbies may be the worst offender. And Washington DC cabbies aren’t far behind!

Traffic congestion can also be a concern, since the city ranks in the top-40 for the amount of congestion. A recent urban mobility report indicated that congestion is at all-time high levels. Typically, city drivers spend about 60 hours each year stuck in traffic, and uses about 22 gallons of excess fuel. The total vehicle cost is between $750 and $1,000. January and February are typically the months with the most congestion. Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. are the most congested times.

Adverse weather also contributes to the number of accidents. Winter months often feature unpredictable weather and road conditions. Traffic moves slower, but the unpredictable highway surfaces cause a significant rise in accidents and claims. June, July, and September are the rainiest months in the area. July is the hottest month of the summer, with many families driving into and out of the state for vacations.

Ironically, cab companies are teaming with local unions in the area to attempt to stop ride-sharing companies from cutting into their market share. Companies like Uber, Lyft and SideCar are able to operate without meeting some of the requirements that others in the same industry must adhere to. However, the State Regulating Commission  recently ruled that these new companies must now apply for a permit.

Uber’s popularity continues across the US because of their simple App and low prices. Rides to and from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) are very inexpensive. The average cost of a trip from Baltimore to Rockville is about $74 with an average travel time of 51 minutes. The average cost of a trip from Baltimore to Dulles International Airport  is about $108 with an average travel time of 80 minutes. The average cost of a trip from Baltimore to Hanover is about $28 with an average travel time of 33 minutes. The average cost of a trip from Baltimore to Baltimore-Washington International Airport is about $21 with an average travel time of 31 minutes.

Cheapest MD Auto Insurance

Find Cheap Car Insurance Rates In Baltimore


Just getting off-topic for a moment,  I grew up in Harrisburg (about 90 minutes to the North) and we regularly made the trek down to Maryland for shopping and buying bagels.  Regardless of the season or weather, it was a family tradition. Although old Memorial Stadium is long gone, the sights of Camden Yards, the National Aquarium and Harborplace still make it almost a second home to me.

And of course, the ex-Super Bowl Champion Ravens can not be forgotten, even though it’s been nine years since the big win.  The parade, celebration, and accolades were memories that all residents will remember. With Lamar Jackson, the chances of additional Super Bowls are high, if they can provide more talent.


Sample Auto Insurance Rates In Baltimore County (Monthly)


Assumptions: 30-year-old single female who owns her home. She drives a 2016 Nissan Altima approximately 15-20 miles  each way to work, and approximately 15,000 miles per year. There are no moving violations or at-fault accidents within the last 36 months, and her credit score is excellent. We also assume her MD homeowner’s coverage is with the same carrier. Liability limits (including UM) are 100,000/$300,000/$100,000 with $2,500 of PIP. Collision and comprehensive deductibles are $500 and $250.

$67 – Progressive Select

$73 – USAA

$92 – Horace Mann

$107 – USAA Casualty

$108 – Erie

$119 – Mutual Benefit

$122 – American National

$128 – Geico

$129 – State Farm

$136 – Encompass

$136 – Penn National

$137 – Safe Auto

$156 – CSAA

$170 – Travelers

$206 – Unitrin


Assumptions: 35-year-old married male and 32-year old married female who own their home. He drives a 2010 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab Pickup approximately 10 miles  each way to work, and approximately 35,000 miles per year. She drives a 2017 Nissan Rogue SL approximately 10 miles  each way to work, and approximately 15,000 miles per year. There are no moving violations or at-fault accidents within the last 36 months, and the credit score is excellent. We  also assume their homeowner’s coverage is with the same carrier. Liability limits (including UM) are 250,000/$500,000/$100,000 with $2,500 of PIP. Collision and comprehensive deductibles are $500 and $250.

$83 – Progressive Select

$114 – Safe Auto

$126 – Horace Mann

$156 – CSAA

$157 – Progressive Specialty

$165 – American National

$167 – USAA

$174 – Erie

$196 – State Farm

$198 – Garrison Property And Casualty

$203 – Old Dominion

$234 – Nationwide

$238 – Root Insurance

$254 – Cincinnati Insurance

$255 – AIG


Assumptions: 50-year-old single male who owns his home. He drives a 2016 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4 approximately 30 miles  each way to work, and approximately 25,000 miles per year. There are no moving violations or at-fault accidents within the last 36 months, and the credit score is excellent. We  also assume their homeowner’s coverage is with the same carrier. Liability limits (including UM) are 100,000/$300,000/$100,000 with $2,500 of PIP. Collision and comprehensive deductibles are $500 and $250.

$69 – Progressive Select

$87 – Horace Mann

$92 – American National

$96 – Erie

$101 – Root Insurance

$108 – USAA

$114 – Penn National

$115 – USAA Casualty

$118 – Geico Casualty

$128 – IDS Property Casualty

$131 – CSAA General

$132 – Mutual Benefit


Progressive Is One Of Many Companies With Attractive Rates

In the example above, Progressive’s prices were the most competitive of the handful of carriers we checked. In fairness to all of the other companies, if we changed our sample male age to 55, added a spouse and an additional vehicle, and perhaps a moving violation, the results would be different. Actually, very different. Many carriers offer their most competitive pricing to persons age 55 (and over) that have at least 35 years of driving experience.

Or, if we added a few teen drivers, each with an accident or ticket, that scenario may show another carrier with much better prices. Since your personal situation can be very fluid with the changing of vehicles, drivers and residences, comparing multiple companies every few years is recommended. If you move more than 30 miles away from your previous residence, comparing new rates should also become a priority. Also, when one or more youthful drivers are removed from the policy (marriage, move, etc…) it’s always wise to re-evaluate how competitive your current rates are.

Snapshot From Progressive

Progressive also offers their “Snapshot” program, which is an electronic device attached to your vehicle that monitors how you drive. It can save you money, depending upon how often and far you drive. Although the largest reductions will generally be retirees and persons that don’t drive large distances, workers that carpool may see some reductions as well. If you are a safe driver, and stay within posted speed limits, you may also be able to lower your premium.

It takes about 10 days to receive the device, and easily plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port, which is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side. The device begins to blink one it is installed correctly. But don’t lose the device, since there is a $50 replacement fee.

MD Auto Insurance Savings

You Can Save Money!

There are specific insurers that simply offer great rates in Baltimore if you are under age 40. Others may include an extra discount when you reach age 50 that no other company offers. Or, it may be a situation where a combination of age and the car you drive happens to exactly fit a specific profile that a carrier is looking for. Thus, they charge 15% less than everyone else.


Shop Around


A key point to understand is that when we stress the importance of “shopping around,” it’s because it ultimately will save you money. If there was a simple and accurate way to identify the cheapest prices, other than requesting a quote from us,  we would certainly let you know. Just about every day, either a premium, underwriting guideline, policy coverage or billing mode is changed. But when these changes occur, we are notified and immediately adjust our quote engine.

Although we review all available carriers, several of the insurers that have attractive rates include Geico, Progressive, AAA, Erie, Travelers, Safeco, MetLife, Liberty National, Allstate, AIG, Esurance, and USAA. Small and large businesses often utilize commercial carriers, and policies often provide up to $1 million in liability protection. Carriers that often have the highest rates in the area include Hallmark, Victoria, Donegal, Dairyland, Foremost, Harleysville, and Titan.

It’s much easier for us to keep track of all of the changes than the average consumer. Thus, when we “shop” for you, you’re easily saving hours of your important time by handling a task that you undoubtedly don’t enjoy. And we don’t just monitor and check for a few discounts. We review all changes and discuss which ones will specifically apply to you. We also monitor the MD Government website to keep abreast of any changes in legislation that will aid consumers. No major legislation was passed in 2022 that would impact vehicle rates.

The consensus seems to be that car insurance rates in Baltimore are attractive. While they may not be the cheapest price in the state, they are priced very competitively when you match them side by side with other large cities. It’s not unusual to find bigger metropolitan areas within 500 miles have significantly higher pricing and more aggressive surcharge and cancellation procedures. For example, Washington, D.C. and Richmond (Virginia) rates are much higher.


Pay Your Traffic Citations Early And Online

Nobody likes to get a moving violation. It can impact the cost you pay for your policy, and the resulting fine and possible court costs can exceed hundreds of dollars. But forgetting or neglecting to pay the ticket can result in many additional expenses. The District Court Of Maryland makes it easy to pay the ticket online. By pleading guilty (you may also plead innocent), the process can be completed in less than five minutes.

Complete Maryland traffic citation information is available, including topics about requesting a trial date, appeals, witnesses, expungement, requesting waiver hearing, lost citations, and address changes. Before applying for new coverage with a different carrier,  a copy of your driving record should always be reviewed.



What is Zipcar? Available in Baltimore and many other major cities, it’s a service that allows you to rent vehicles by the hour, day, or longer. Typically, the price is cheap, and there are regulations and guidelines that protect consumers. Many City-owned garages house the vehicles, including minivans and transit cargo vans. Occasional driving requires no monthly commitment. For $7 per month, you can pay per hour or per day. For $50 per month, five hours of pre-paid driving is included. Each plan provides insurance coverage, gas, and 180 free miles each day.  A $25 one-time application fee is required for all plans.

The Parking Authority reports that 85% of Zipcar drivers don’t own their own car or truck, and  the vast majority of users can easily find a vehicle to use within walking distance of their home or work. More than 200 vehicles are available in areas such as Charles Village, Mt. Vernon, Station North, and the Central Business District. Residents of the area now have an affordable transportation option, and city workers receive a discount during the work week.

Maryland homeowner’s insurance rates are very competitive in Baltimore. When bundling policies with the same carrier that insures the vehicles, total discounts  can exceed 15%, resulting in hundreds of dollars of savings. Companies with the most attractive rates include Travelers, Erie, USAA, Chubb, State Farm, Allstate, and Nationwide. Many Senior discounts are available. Bundling the policy with other property and casualty discounts may also lower the premium.


Impact Of  Previous Riots

Although the riots six yeas ago caused a temporary spike  in claims, and  cost the city more than $20 million, there probably will be no long-term impact on  auto insurance rates. However, if you park your vehicle on the street in the area where most of the riots took place, there may be a slight increase in thefts, vandalism, and glass-breakage. The comprehensive portion of the auto policy can be impacted by specific external conditions.

Any long-term impact on prices will be known within the next 36 months. Other surrounding counties that could be impacted, include Carroll, Harford, Howard, and Anne Arundel. The cities most likely to be affected include Essex, Towson, Parkville, Rosedale, Catonsville, and Lochearn.


Baltimore Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

Shown below are annual prices for  zip code 21218. 15-year-old frame home insured for $153,000. $1,000 deductible with $300,000 liability, multi-policy discount, and $20,000 water/sewer backup coverage.

$574 – Esurance

$596 – NGM Insurance

$610 – Donegal Mutual

$621 – Teachers Insurance

$661 – Horace Mann

$664 – Pharmacists Mutual

$670 – Brethren Mutual

$679 – Cumberland Mutual

$722 – Erie

$723 – Everett Cash Mutual

$733 – Frederick Mutual

$783 – CSAA General

$786 – Allstate

$791 – Metropolitan Property And Casualty

$792 – AIG

$837 – Farmers

$949 – Safeco

$1,259 – Nationwide

$1,412 – USAA


Local Baltimore Car Insurance Agencies

M&T Agency – 25 S. Charles St. 21201

Kirby Agency – 14 W. Saratoga St. Suite 100 21201

Frederick Group – 326 St. Paul St. Suite 400a 21202

Ugele Agency –  408 E. 25th St. 21218

Welsch Group – 3044 Hudson St. 21224

Morgan Smith Agency – 847 W. 36th St. 21211

Pinning Agency – 3215 Erdman Ave. 21213

Goad Agency – 3229 Erdman Ave. 21213

Bedford Group – 1014 W. 36th St. 21211

Rodgers Agency 6800 Holabird Ave. Suite A 21222

Morris Services – 5010 Ritchie Highway 21225

Cramer And Schmidbauer Associates – 5200 Ritchie Highway 21225

Bayview Agency – 7508 Eastern Ave. 21224

L&K Agency – 5900 York Rd. Suite 200 21212

McJilton Agency – 9 N. Dundalk Ave. 21222

TM Williams Services – 5202 Baltimore National Pike Suite 106 21229

C&E Services – 7324 Holabird Ave. 21222

Bell Agency – 7900 Eastern Ave. 21224

Senate Agency – 5417 Reiterstown Rd. 21215

Leitner Group – 2100 Merritt Ave. 21222

Madison Financial – 5401 Belair Rd. 21206

Custom Agency – 4410 Alan Dr. Apt A. 21229

Hoffberger Agency – 5700 Smith Ave. 21209

Concrete Agency – 6405 Belair Ave. 21206

Platte Agency – 633r Frederick Rd. 21228

Great Oak Group – 1340 Smith Ave. Suite 200 21209

Frank Dippel Agency – 6600 York Rd. 21212

Schoenfeld Associates 6225 Smith Ave. Suite B150 21209

Farrell Sullivan Insurance – 6500 N. Charles St. 21212

Ritchey Associates  – 6600 Belair Rd. Suite 2c 21206

Allied Agency – 7000 Security Blvd. Suite 111 21244

Rolling Services – 2324 N. Rolling Rd. Suite 100 21244


Additional Information:


The “Baltimore Sun” reported that local drivers are again ranked 193rd in the US when comparing large cities. But there is one little problem. 194 cities participated in the survey! The lone city with “worse” drivers is Washington D.C. The 21218 zip code appears to have been hit especially hard as we notice auto insurance prices in that area is the highest of any zip code in Maryland.

The elimination of  PIP (Personal Injury Protection) would certainly reduce prices. Of course, medical bills and lost wages could not be claimed, which could potentially impact and harm many persons involved in future litigation. PIP currently covers many medical expenses, including surgery expenses, hospitalization expenses, and rehabilitation,therapy expenses. Some disability and death expenses may also be covered.

Maryland made the Top-10 list for “states with the most stolen vehicles.”  In Baltimore, about 2,000 vehicles were stolen last year, with about 1/5th having keys left inside in plain view. Also, many cars were left outside with engines running, as owners assumed it was safe.

Highest number of vehicles stolen in Baltimore

Baltimore Neighborhoods With Most Stolen Cars

The summer months produce the highest incidence of thefts (especially July and August), while February and April are the months with the lowest number of reported thefts. Shown above, is a chart illustrating the areas of the city with the highest claims. Frankford is ranked first in the study completed by “the Baltimore Sun.”


Most of the damage from the Spring riots are covered by insurance. However, there may be exceptions, if your policy excludes damage from “rebellion or uprising.”  This exclusion has a greater likelihood of being used on business liability policies, as opposed to personal property and casualty policies.