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Low Cost Maryland Car Insurance Rates – Reduce Your Auto Premium

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Cheap online auto insurance rates are available to Maryland drivers. If you think you’re paying too much to insure your vehicles, maybe you are! Buying coverage from a reputable website that does all of the shopping for you will save you time, aggravation, and a lot of money. A  “low cost” Md policy doesn’t mean you have to forfeit valuable coverage either. Both immediate coverage and the lowest down-payments are available, along with 24/7 customer service assistance for claims, billing, and additional services. Online quoting and bundling auto and home plans for large discounts is offered to all applicants.

Competitive pricing and attractive offers can be found. But looking in the right place and understanding when the best time to shop are critical. This page allows you to quickly compare options, and perhaps better understand how and when you can save the most money.  Property and casualty prices frequently change, so we ensure the rates you view are always accurate, the carrier’s best offers are shown, and we make it easy to learn about required coverage. Below, we have provided many of our most helpful tips to help you instantly reduce premiums. Additional Senior discounts are also offered.


Don’t pay to receive online rates. Quotes are always free from reputable Maryland websites. By the time you are ready to apply for coverage, you will be asked for specific billing details, such as debit or credit card information, or perhaps your home address if you are to be billed at home. But until you reach the final step in the process, keep your wallet or purse in your pocket and don’t obligate yourself to anything that isn’t informational. If you are asked to pay an enrollment fee, decline the request. No major carrier charges an enrollment fee for covering vehicles.

Your social security number? It’s not needed for policy comparisons. Neither is your checking account information. If you are ever requested to provide personal financial data before you view prices, immediately leave the website. If you notice numerous punctuation and spelling mistakes, along with content that doesn’t seem to make sense, the website may have been quickly created overseas, and you should immediately exit.

Clicking on “attachments” from untrustworthy websites is never recommended, along with viewing emails from unverifiable sources. Often disguised as consumer-friendly emails, spam and potential viruses are sent to consumers every day. The “free quote” links are often websites that are not related to auto or home insurance. Also, many property and casualty quoting sites are not US-based, and may have malware embedded into the content.


Shop until you drop? Well, perhaps, but don’t go that far. For example, when you provide basic information at the top of the page on our website, you’ll soon be able to compare costs of almost all of the top car insurance companies in the state. And that’s what you want. Prices change (and also state laws) so its helpful to compare offers from multiple carriers instead of just one. Other ancillary products can also be compared, including homeowner’s, motorcycle, boat, RV, mobile home, and investment property. Additional investment products, including mutual funds, IRAs, and annuities, may also be offered by affiliated companies.

We select the best options for your area. We also present your choices in a simple and understandable format. If you’re over age 55, often, special discounted rates may apply. Also, if you drive your vehicle less than 5,000 miles per year, you may also be eligible for special pricing. We customize quotes, so you are able to view the lowest possible prices in your zip code. Whether you have an antique automobile or a Ferrari, we will help. Also, prices on older vehicles can often be lowered because of recently-introduced discounts.

Every 36 months, your policy should be reviewed for newly-available discounts, coverage updates, and required state-mandated benefits. It’s possible that changes in your household may generate new discounts, and vehicle updates may also provide additional information that reduces the policy premium. When you change vehicles, newly-added safety discounts may apply.


If you request a quote from a captive agent that represents only one carrier, your chances of finding the cheapest rate are drastically lower, since they represent only one company. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of all of the available opportunities. There are no counties in the state where a single insurer offers the best options. Thus, properly shopping is a must. And since prices systematically change, comparing costs every 2-4 years is highly recommended. However, it is not advisable to change companies if you have any drivers in the household under the age of 18, or any household driver has had two at-fault accidents within the last two years.

Save Money

Good Student Discounts Will Reduce Your Rates

Take a close look at the website (including ours). There should be specific reference information relevant to the state you live in. Naturally, if you live in Georgia, it doesn’t matter about a recent law change in Illinois, since it won’t impact your driving or what you pay for your coverage. If you live in Annapolis, you don’t need to see prices in Fresno! But you should be able to read an article about Baltimore! At least 75% of the content should pertain to Maryland or the nearby Washington DC area.

For example, a previous emissions law change in Baltimore, or a statewide decrease in rates from State Farm would certainly be information you would be interested in learning about. And if prices were increasing in Montgomery County, or decreasing in Frederick County, you would want to know about it. But if the state of Nevada raised their licensing fees, would you really need to know? Occasionally, information from neighboring states is monitored if it impacts local driving.

Although minimum liability limit changes are important to out-of-state residents, they do not impact MD drivers unless you will be moving to those states. Likewise, legislation that is passed in other states does not impact local drivers.

If the website you are visiting contains less than half of its content on Maryland car insurance issues, it’s time to move on. As you may have noticed, we concentrate on only one state. Typically, websites that write about numerous states, don’t adequately cover any of the states as well as other resources. If a new legislation was passed increasing minimum liability limits, you might never know until months later. We update our content every day! It’s hard work, but it benefits our customers, and provides time to adjust to changes that impact your policy.


Review the cost of coverage before buying or leasing your next vehicle. Sometimes you can’t avoid “sticker shock” from the price of a new car or truck. But you can avoid a major surprise of your auto insurance rate increasing substantially more than you expected.  During the process of comparing vehicles that may be purchased, you can also easily review the cost of adding a specific vehicle to your policy. Often, a car that has a higher sticker price may be less expensive to cover than expected.

Driver-safety enhancements have been added to most new vehicles, which has helped to stabilize rates. Many standard features were not offered 10 years ago. Examples include rear camera mirror, hitch guidance, following distance indicator, front and rear park assist, side blind zone alert, lane change alert, and lane departure warning.

Although make and models can vary, several of the least expensive vehicles (that are commonly bought or leased) are Jeep Wrangler, Chevrolet Equinox, Honda Civic, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Sentra, Subaru Outback, Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, and Toyota Highlander. Newer models offer advanced safety features that can also offset the price increase of insuring a newer vehicle. Backup cameras, automatic braking,  and lane-change warnings  have become standard features in many base models. Self-driving vehicles are available on a limited basis, although within the next 10 years, availability should increase.


GM Vehicles in Maryland

General Motors’ Chevrolet Cobalt


Watch for recalls of vehicles in Maryland that impact the vehicles that you own. For example, a few years ago, the personal injury lawsuit against General Motors regarding ignition switches on Saturns would have been helpful and pertinent information to know. Investigations by federal regulators on other cars (such as Cobalts and G5s) should always be monitored. And when a manufacturer makes an announcement that heavy objects should be taken off key chains, it’s critical to be aware of the request.  If you need specific information regarding possible recalls on the vehicles you own, please contact us.

The Lemon Law also protects owners of new cars, small trucks, and multipurpose vehicles. The benefit applies to buyers of new vehicles and also persons who purchased the vehicle while the original warranty was still valid. The covered period is the earliest of 15,000 miles or 15 months. Generally, if the car or truck is not able to be driven for 30 days, because of a covered defect (or returned to dealer four times), a replacement vehicle may be required. All related expenses are typically paid by the car manufacturer.

The car insurance rate of the replacement vehicle should be identical to your previous vehicle, if it is the same year, make, and model. Choosing a different type or year of vehicle can impact the cost of coverage. Naturally, newer and/or more expensive vehicles can increase the premium. reducing the number of covered vehicles to a single vehicle may result in the loss of a multi-car discount. Identical vehicles that are leased or financed will not impact the rate unless minimum liability limits are required by the bank or lending institution.


Don’t change a coverage that saves you hundreds of dollars now but costs thousands of dollars later. The most common temptation when attempting to lower your premium, is to reduce your basic liability limits (bodily injury and property damage). While you will save money this year (and every year), what happens if you or a driver in your household has a serious at-fault accident? And then, you are sued for $150,000, but only have $100,000 (per person) of coverage. Your legal fees should be covered but you’ll be $50,000 poorer. While state-minimum liability limits provide enticing premium savings, it’s only occasionally recommended for high-risk drivers.

Also, when considering increasing your liability limits, a personal “umbrella” may be more cost-effective. The price of adding either $500,000 or $1 million of extra protection for all of your assets is a “bargain” considering the extra layer of protection you are receiving. If you own boats, RVs, motorcycles, or rental property, you are more susceptible to a lawsuit, even if it is frivolous. If you have teenage drivers in the household, the risk for a potential large claim is substantially higher. Once they reach age 21, the risk has greatly diminished. When youthful drivers reach age 25 or get married, additional premium reductions result.


We provide information for all  discounts that will lower vehicle insurance rates. The most obvious change is raising your deductible. But it’s imperative that the savings warrant the extra risk. We can help you analyze your situation so you’re making an informed decision. For example, purchasing a $200 alarm system for a $25 per year discount is not necessarily cost-effective. Conversely, if you vehicle contains a “passive” alarm already, you will be eligible for a discount. Each year, newer vehicle models are equipped with devices (not all are standard) that help keep you and your passengers safer. Newer airbags are more efficient than older versions.

If you move from one area of the state to another, it’s likely that your rate will change. No company charges the same price for the entire state. Although the difference is not likely to be as much as 50%, it’s not uncommon for the rate to vary by as much as 10%-20%. Urban areas often have higher rates that rural areas. You can always view prices in a specific area before you move to that specific city or county. If a child is moving out of the household, we make it easy to review prices in their new area. Depending on the carrier, a multi-car or multi-policy discount may still be offered.


The worst time to shop for lower auto insurance prices is when you just received a moving violation or were involved in an accident. Why? Because, your current insurer has probably not factored that into your current rates. But a new company will have to include your recent activity in their rating. Therefore, it may be difficult to find find a policy that saves a substantial amount of money. Or if you do, the first incident could result in a massive price hike. The second incident could terminate your policy. A license suspension or DUI/DWI will delay the opportunity to get preferred rates for 3-5 years. It is possible, however, that changing companies can substantially reduce the rate, if the new carrier’s underwriting guidelines are favorable.


Slow Down And Reduce Rates

Avoid Speeding Tickets And Save Money

For that reason, it’s best to shop for another policy when your driving record is clean. One violation on your Motor Vehicle Administration report may allow you to find a better offer. If you have more than two tickets (not just incidents) showing, your offers will not be competitive unless you just received a large price increase from your existing company. If that occurs, it’s time to compare options. However, before changing carriers, it’s important to have an offer in writing.


What about a new company that shows up and offers you a chance to save hundreds of dollars per year without sacrificing any coverage. Assuming that the carrier was a new auto insurance company in Maryland and had no prior track record, it might be best to wait about 12-24 months and see what direction their prices end up. But it is a good idea to monitor their prices a few times per year through our website. Typically, we provide an annual comprehensive comparison that includes all carriers licensed to conduct business in the state.


Often, new companies, “buy business,” which means they are quoting premiums that are typically unprofitable to the insurer. But to attract additional needed customers, they need to do this, hoping that most of the policyholders will stay after rates possibly jump in a few years. Your best choice is to resist the temptation to switch to these companies until they have a few years under their belt. Otherwise, your premium may substantially increase after only one year covered with the new carrier. And if you have multiple at-fault accidents, it will be very difficult to find a lower rate for the next few years.

Our quote engine automatically takes this possibility into consideration. Therefore, a newer company with artificially-low rates, may not be as highly-recommended as another company with similar pricing, and a  long history of satisfied customers in the state. Once a positive track record is developed, we more strongly consider the company. At least three years of stable premiums is preferred. Regardless how long the carriers have been conducting business, they must comply with insurance requirements for Maryland vehicles. All policies must be pre-approved for sale, and rate changes must also be submitted to the DOI, studied, and pre-approved.


Ask About New Policy Reductions. Every 12-24 months, most carriers either adjust or create new discounts for their customers. As vehicles continuously upgrade safety systems and features, many of these new options save the insurers money. And often, a portion of the savings is transferred to you via discounts through your policy. Existing discounts generally remain, although if full coverage (collision and comprehensive) is removed, it is possible that selected discounts will no longer be offered. Popular “lane change” and “rear camera” features may also help save money. Note: towing and labor, and substitute transportation (rental vehicle) coverage may become unavailable if collision and comprehensive coverage is removed.


Cheap online car insurance rates in Maryland are definitely available. We can help you find those low premiums you are looking for so you pay less and save money! We specialize in all cars, trucks and commercial vehicles. Within minutes you’ll get low prices, great service and money-saving discounts.